Yiyi Wei 
To See, within    2022
Glass, soil, mirror, steel 
Installation: Approx 2 1/2 ft (h) X 8 ft (l) X 3 ft (w) 
currently installed as part of "Amplified" at Queen's Botanical Garden  until September 4th 2022

As a part of the 大地肌理/Earth Skin series,  To See, within molds the earth's surface with molten glass. A piece of mirror is embedded in each piece.  An engraving on the mirror invites viewers to look attentively at the textures of the glass and soil. This diptych is installed under a ginko tree. As the viewer reads the text and looks at the pieces, one also sees the reflection of sky, the ginko tree and one's own reflection. 

Look attentively;
       the peaks
       the valleys
      and the glistening. 
                                within your eyes, viscous earth.

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