Human cannot smell sugar's purest crystal form. Our brain recognizes a 'sweet scent' only because we associate sweet taste with the material. The Scent catcher is a hand blown device made by Yiyi Wei to capture the 'smell of sweetness' that does not exist. The solution below diffuses and evaporates upwards, collect by the glass catcher above. Participant picks up the Scent Catcher, experience the 'sweet' smell within, at the same time finds a sentence engraved on the inside that says 'Sweetness is not a scent.'  
Sweetness is
a taste,
a gesture,
a letter,
a voice,
a sensation,
a chemical reaction,
an association,
a collection of the past,
a continuity entangled between being,
a cloudy appearance of remembering and re-remembering scattered by the ever-present droplets
Disseminating in random directions until a moment of equilibrium

Sweetness is not a scent 
[engraving on the inside of the Scent Catcher]