Yiyi Wei 
Glass, soil, mirror, steel 
Installation: Approx 2  1/2 ft (h) X 3ft (l) X 1 1/2 ft (w) 
currently installed as part of "Amplified" at Queen's Botanical Garden  until September 4th,2022

The series of 大地肌理/Earth Skin molds the surface of the earth with molten glass. The viscous glass flows over the compost made at the Queen’s Botanical Garden, creating a set of topographical castings that participants are encouraged to look at, smell, and touch. The title is inspired by one of the Chinese names for ‘texture’ ‘肌理’(jī lǐ). The character ‘肌’meaning ‘skin’ or ‘muscle’, draws a poetic connection between our body and the earth. Through participation, the project aims to (re)connect our body with the earth that nourishes us, interconnects us and the earth that we will return to— the earth our ancestors walked, whom maybe, in the smell of earth, are walking with us, still.

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