Yiyi Wei  grew up with memories of watching sugar blowers at Beijing's Lunar New Year temple fairs. She moved to the United States almost a decade ago and she has not seen a sugar blower since. Sugar blowing is a traditional Chinese craft. Molten sugar's materiality is very similar to molten glass. Wei never acquired the skill of traditional sugar blowing, instead, she learnt ways to blow glass.  In the performance Project: blowing sugar [glass] 吹【糖】玻璃, Wei creates an environment where people gather, watched demonstrations, drank from freshly blown sugar vessels and shared memories about sugar and glass.  Within time, the smell of cooked sugar slowly diffuses  in the gallery space and creating an invisible veil of cane sugar sweetness in between everyone and everything. 
Because this piece is influenced by Chinese street sugar blowing performance and the responses/interactions from passer-by , the documentations of this piece are done through the devices of the viewers and participants. 
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